Why Sell Medicare Supplement Plans with MIS?

The senior market is BOOMING! Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, and many don't understand Medicare. Not sure where to start yourself? Selling Medicare Supplement plans is the easiest place.

Why sell Medicare Supplement plans?*Steady commissions: Most plans offer between a six- and seven-year flat commission rate based on a percentage of premium. 

*No certification required: Get appointed and start selling! No lengthy materials to read or tests to pass.

*Minimal rate increases: Medicare Supplement plans typically have relatively low renewals. Consistently low premiums mean consistently happy clients!

*Simple plan designs: Medicare Supplements are standardized across all carriers, making them more understandable.

*No restrictive networks: As long as a provider accepts Medicare patients, he will accept a Medicare Supplement plan.

*Simple claims process: If Medicare pays for a procedure, then the supplement plan will also pay its contracted portion, resulting in fewer claims disputes.

Why MIS?

Russ Simonsen, MIS' very own Medicare Mentor, is here to help you understand Medicare so that you can in turn help your clients understand it. We offer all the top-notch training and support you need to ensure your success in this expanding market. And if you have senior clients but don't have the desire to get into senior sales, be sure to ask Russ about MIS' rewarding Broker's Broker referral program.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ext 212, today for more information.

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