May Insurance Services, Inc. Employee Spotlight: Meet Mindy Van Order


Mindy Van Order has been working with May Insurance Services for 7 years, but has over 24 years of industry experience. We are blessed to have Mindy on the MIS Team as our Marketing Manager & Renewal Specialist. In addition to the outstanding customer service she provides, she is also responsible for organizing key content and tools for our brokers such as our webinars and newsletters. Mindy is a key member of the MIS management staff – providing critical insight and helping to shape the future of MIS.

Let's get to know Mindy a little better:

What do you like most about your role? Working with our broker community. From creating marketing content to send to brokers, to setting up and hosting broker meetings, to working with brokers on their group renewals, there is a lot of variety in my role.

What does customer service mean to you? It means treating each broker as I would want to be treated. Responding to every email/phone call as promptly as possible because if they took the time to email/call – they need the correct information fast.

What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy traveling. We try to visit a new city/destination in the US every year. This year has been hard on traveling, but we've still been able to visit new destinations like Lake Tahoe and the BIG 5 national parks in Utah.

What is something you feel passionately about? I try to live my life in a way that lets me enjoy the "now". I'm not a big advance planner – so we usually end up doing lots of spur of the moment activities. You just don't know when something might happen, so I enjoy every day as it comes.

Who is someone that has been very influential in your life and why? My mother, Connie George. She was able to turn around her life and went from a high school dropout to working her way up to a senior officer at Discover Card before she retired. She pushed me to get an education and continues to be my mentor in so many ways.

What is one thing that you enjoy about working at May Insurance Services? I enjoy working here because everyone works well together and we work towards to the same goal – to provide the broker community with good information and service – and we have fun doing it! John and Susan go out of their way to make sure we know that we are appreciated for the work we do.

What is one thing you would like brokers to know? I would like brokers to know that I'm here to help them. I know I don't have all the answers, but I usually know where to go to find them.

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