Are you ready to provide your senior clients with a $0 premium plan that allows them to visit any provider that accepts Medicare with no network restrictions?

Lasso Healthcare Medical Savings Accounts are now available in Ohio. This innovative program is a great way for your Medicare eligible clients to start taking control of their medical costs and be the decision makers in their healthcare spending. 

Highlights of the Lasso MSA Medicare Advantage Plan:

  • Zero Premium for members.
  • No Network, open access like a Medicare Supplement.
  • $3,240 deposited into the members MSA account on the first banking day in January (funds belong to member, no use it or lose it rule).
  • Members can spend, save, or invest their MSA funds.
  • Funds can be used to pay for Co-pays, deductibles, dental, vision, hearing aids and much more.

Highlights for Brokers:

  • Full MA commissions of $510.
  • Member must purchase a PDP as well - that's another $78 in commissions.

Who is the ideal client for this plan?

  • Clients who are healthy and do not believe they will be extensively using their benefits.
  • Clients who are comfortable financially and want more control over their healthcare costs.
  • Clients who are familiar with HSA accounts and like the flexibility. 

For more information on Lasso MSA's, contact Russ Simonsen at 614-431-1899, ext. 211.​

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