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New Option for Employer Groups with +51 Employees

Employer groups with +51 employees, which includes both full-time and part-time employees, now have a new option for their medical coverage. Anthem's Balanced Funding offers stability with competitive pricing and great perks. It provides a predictable health plan arrangement that gives your employers more control, and rewards them when the employee...
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Healthcare.gov to OPEN SEP: February 15 - May 15, 2021

President Biden has signed an executive order to strengthen Americans' access to quality, affordable healthcare. Healthcare.gov will reopen on February 15 - May 15,2021 for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to give Americans who need healthcare coverage during this global pandemic. Contact Jackie Turner for more information.

PrimePay - A Great Place to keep Up-To-Date on COVID-19 Issues

As you know, May Insurance has partnered with PrimePay to help you with your payroll and compliance needs.  They have also offered many webinars on many different topics that are very helpful.  In conjunction with this, they have a website - Click here - that is being updated almost daily by their compliance director and his staff with CO...
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Our Carriers and their COVID-19 Policies

We're sure that many of your groups are concerned about the COVID-19 virus and what their insurance will cover. We've compiled as much information as we can from our carriers for your reference.  This information is accurate as of 3/27/20.  Aetna - COVID-19 resources for Aetna members  Allied National - COVID-19 and Allied Health Pla...
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Trustmark Simplified Underwriting for Groups of 51-99 enrolled

Have you heard about Trustmark's Simplified Underwriting for +51-99 groups? To obtain an initial undewritten rate, we only need the group to complete a special census - no underwriting questions or complicated information needed.  Groups can still be underwritten via IMQs if they choose. However, we are excited to offer this new process that s...
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Sit Back, Relax and Let Us Do the Work

​ May Insurance Services, Inc. (MIS) has a great program that could help you slow down, relax and retain an income stream. MIS Alliance The MIS Alliance will allow you to transfer part or all of your business to our experienced agents and staff while continuing to earn an income stream over the course of several years. This program may be the best ...
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Lasso Healthcare Medical Savings Accounts

​Are you ready to provide your senior clients with a $0 premium plan that allows them to visit any provider that accepts Medicare with no network restrictions? Lasso Healthcare Medical Savings Accounts are now available in Ohio. This innovative program is a great way for your Medicare eligible clients to start taking control of their medical costs ...
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New Individual Coverage HRAs (Employer-Sponsered)

New rules released by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Treasury will expand the use of health reimbursement arrangements to provide new coverage options for employers and their employees. They allow employers to offer a new Individual Coverage HRA as an alternative to a traditional group health plan. T...
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Reference-based Pricing is Gaining Momentum - Here's Why

Healthcare and pharmacy costs continue to rise. We have focused on the wrong issue. We don't have a healthcare issue; we have a billing issue. Reference-based pricing attacks the problem - targeting billing. Here's how it works - typically, a preferred provider organization network achieves a 50-60% discount on billable charges. However, after this...
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Dental and Vision That Sells Itself - 3 Easy Steps

First, get your free personalized enrollment link that will provide your clients with access to 11 carriers and plans with no waiting periods.  Second, put your personalized enrollment link on your website or in the signature line of your emails.  Third, let Morgan White Group do all the work through this direct-to-consumer enrollment. Yo...
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GeoBlue - The One You Can Trust for Travel

The last thing on your clients mind when planning a vacation or business trip abroad is the possibility that they could be involved in an accident or become ill.  You can help ensure that your clients get the critical care they may need from doctors they can trust. Give them peace of mind with GeoBlue Travel Insurance!  GeoBlue, an indepe...
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Beazley MEC May Be the Solution

Beazley provides solutions for groups that typically cannotafford major medical coverage, such as those with part-time, seasonal and 1099 employees. One such solution for your clients' $8-$20 per hour employees could be APEX MEC. APEX MEC* is a comprehensive MEC plan that saves money while providing attractive benefits, including: Preventive benefi...
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Anthem Offers 3 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Anthem offers several programs that could save members money on their healthcare costs. There are three ways Anthem helps members save money as they search for high-quality healthcare at the most reasonable cost. SmartShopper - Anthem is partnering with VitalsSmartShopper to provide theseadditional benefits to its group employees. Members can eithe...
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Why Sell Medicare Supplement Plans with MIS?

The senior market is BOOMING! Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, and many don't understand Medicare. Not sure where to start yourself? Selling Medicare Supplement plans is the easiest place. Why sell Medicare Supplement plans?*Steady commissions: Most plans offer between a six- and seven-year flat commission rate based on a percentage of premiu...
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Group Life Insurance Takeover Opportunities with MIS

EXCLUSIVE Offer for MIS agents -- 15% off current LIFE rates. Companion Life wants to "take over" any existing life group that is currently inforce with another carrier AND offer 15% off the current Life rate. Lower rates based solely on the current in-force rates, if the group meets certain criteria. Sales Strategy If the group qualifies, Companio...
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