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Providing brokers with the best sales support available.

May Insurance Services
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Providing brokers with all the necessary tools to provide the best possible service to their clients.

May Insurance Services
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Constantly searching for new and improved products and services to enhance our portfolio and are committed to serving you with honesty and integrity.

May Insurance Services

We Work For You.....

May Insurance Services, Inc. is a full-service general agency in Columbus, Ohio. We have provided insurance professionals throughout Ohio with a “one-stop-shop” distribution channel for their individual under-65, group, and over-65 product lines since 1990. We are relationship-driven and provide unsurpassed service and personal attention to our agents and clients.

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Preferred Partners

We have partnered with great companies to help you stay in front of your small group client as the expert.

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What our clients have to say
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The excellent service and product knowledge from May Insurance allows me to efficiently and effectively serve my clients.

B. M.
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I like doing business with May Insurance because it’s a one stop shop for all types of health coverage.

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May Insurance Services is a tremendous resource for me. Any problem with an insured or insurance company has been resolved quickly with their intervention. Their marketplace and product knowledge makes it easy for me to sell more!

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There are so many reasons that I work with May Insurance. Here are just a few.

1. Their people are FANTASTIC!
2. Their training – keeping me updated on the latest in products and industry trends, not to mention FREE LUNCH!
3. Their service is OUTSTANDING -- always willing to help me with anything!


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