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Beazley MEC May Be the Solution

Beazley provides solutions for groups that typically cannotafford major medical coverage, such as those with part-time, seasonal and 1099 employees. One such solution for your clients' $8-$20 per hour employees could be APEX MEC. APEX MEC* is a comprehensive MEC plan that saves money while providing attractive benefits, including: Preventive benefi...
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Anthem Offers 3 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Anthem offers several programs that could save members money on their healthcare costs. There are three ways Anthem helps members save money as they search for high-quality healthcare at the most reasonable cost. SmartShopper - Anthem is partnering with VitalsSmartShopper to provide theseadditional benefits to its group employees. Members can eithe...
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Why Sell Medicare Supplement Plans with MIS?

The senior market is BOOMING! Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, and many don't understand Medicare. Not sure where to start yourself? Selling Medicare Supplement plans is the easiest place. Why sell Medicare Supplement plans?*Steady commissions: Most plans offer between a six- and seven-year flat commission rate based on a percentage of premiu...
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Group Life Insurance Takeover Opportunities with MIS

EXCLUSIVE Offer for MIS agents -- 15% off current LIFE rates. Companion Life wants to "take over" any existing life group that is currently inforce with another carrier AND offer 15% off the current Life rate. Lower rates based solely on the current in-force rates, if the group meets certain criteria. Sales Strategy If the group qualifies, Companio...
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EA$Y Money with Premium Saver

Every time you sell a Premium Saver plan, you will receive a$100 VISA gift card! And in addition to the $100 VISA with each new group there are other bonuses: $500 bonus* with 50 lives$2,500 bonus* with $150,000 production *Applies to 5/1, 6/1 and 7/1 effective dates; only one bonus in this time frame.Contact Scott Lewis, ext 208, or Jackie Turner,...
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IMPORTANT - Protect Your Group Clients with Wrap/SPD Documents

Access to affordable Wrap/SPDs is just one of the many benefits you receive when you partner with May Insurance Services, Inc. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, "Erisa" SPD requirements are receiving new attention. Employers who offer benefits* are required to provide a Wrap/SPD to all eligible employees and maintain a Wrap Plan Doc...
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Premium Saver Can Reduce Healthcare Costs

Premium Saver can be an effective way to reduce healthcare cost. What is Premium Saver?  Premium Saver is an employer-sponsored supplemental insurance plan that is designed to help reduce the cost of group medical coverage while maintaining or increasing employee benefits. And adding Premium Saver to your employer's coverage means additional c...
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What You Should Know About Referenced-Based Pricing

Employee Benefits Adviser, 7/18/18 In my 25 years in the insurance business I've seen many changes. But there's always been one constant: Healthcare and pharmacy costs continue to accelerate and no regulatory action had been able to slow this runaway train. The problem is that we have focused on the wrong end of the spectrum. We don't have a health...
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Medicare Supplement Quotes Made Easy

Never worry that you have outdated rate sheets again! You can get instant, current Medicare Supplement quotes from all of the carriers MIS offers with a couple clicks of your mouse.

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